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Charitable Contributions

Attention charitable contributions grant seekers:

Bayer's HealthCare’s charitable contribution request process is now open.

Please note the following important guidelines for 2015 contribution requests:

Charitable Contributions Initiation

  • The charitable contribution request must be submitted by a representative of the organization which is seeking the charitable contribution funding

Charitable Contribution Submission

  • Required Documentation

    For all requests:
    • Completed application
    • Signed letter of request, on organization letterhead, clearly specifying how the funding will be used
    • List of current members of the organization’s Board of Directors
    • W-9 form (Note: ONLY the December 2014 Version of the IRS W-9 Form will be accepted and the address MUST match the mailing address indicated on the application).
    • IRS 501c3 determination letter or other tax-exempt documentation.
    • Change of address letter on organization letterhead (required only if you checked "New Organization Address" in the application)

    For programs, activities or events:
    • Program objectives and agenda
    • Detailed line item budget for the program, activity or event.

    • You must submit a separate application for each program or activity. We will not accept "bundled" requests for support of multiple events.

Charitable Contribution Review

  • Review times vary from request to request, however the general guidance is 8-10 weeks. You can assist with minimizing the review timeline by providing complete and accurate documentation in a timely manner. (see above "Required Documentation ")
  • The Charitable Contribution Review committee will thoroughly review each request within 8-10 weeks of receiving the completed application packet.

Charitable Contribution Status

  • You will receive written and/or email notification from the review committee’s decision. Please note, if you submitted an application 8-10 weeks prior to the date of your event, your notification of approval or denial may be received close to the date of the event.
  • Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from the Bayer Charitable Contribution Review Committee approving your contribution request.

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